The essence of the church isn’t its buildings, or services, or programs to maintain the institution. It’s about people who are connected to each other through a vital faith relationship with Jesus Christ. Our name “Immanuel” means “God with us.”

At Immanuel Evangelical Free Church, we believe that the church is to be a faith community where truth and life intersect in a meaningful way.
Jesus Christ as the focal point of our faith, fellowship and outreach to the community. Our mission is to connect people to God’s presence, love, truth, and mission so that we will become faith-filled followers of Jesus Christ. 
A warm welcome awaits you.
Immanuel Evangelical Free Church follows the same Statement of Faith
as the Evangelical Free Church of America. 


Our Affiliation with the Evangelical Free Church of America: 

Though we come from many different backgrounds, our congregation is affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America, a denomination originally formed by Scandinavian immigrants in the mid–19th century. Their original vision was to form congregations that were “Evangelical,” meaning based on the Bible’s teachings, and “Free” from government interference (since their former churches in Scandinavia were controlled by the state).

More information about the Evangelical Free Church in America can be found at its website:

Address: 1140 Witmer Rd, York, PA 17406, United States
Phone: 717-755-2413
Immanuel Evangelical Free Church 2022 Vision Statement
We are a church Embracing Revival, Living Surrendered, and Seeking to Serve, as we proclaim the name of Jesus!