Sermon Audio Files

August 2018

July 2018

Put on Your Kingdom Glasses

Put on Your Kingdom GlassesPut on Your Kingdom Glasses”. Genre: Other.

June 2018

04-22-2018 Mission impossible

“04-22-2018 Mission impossible”. Genre: Other.

04-15-2018 Pleasing him

“04-15-2018 Pleasing him”. Genre: Other.

04-08-2018 Please obey

“04-08-2018 Please obey”. Genre: Other.

03-25-2018 Servants heart part2

“03-25-2018 Servants heart part2”. Genre: Other.

03-18-2018 Servants heart part1

“03-18-2018 Servants heart part1”. Genre: Other.

March 18 2018 Help for the Hurting

“03-18-2018 Help for the Hurting”. Genre: Other.

03-11-2018 sermon John myers

“03-11-2018 sermon John myers”. Genre: Other.

06-24-2018 You can be joyful

“06-24-2018 You can be joyful”. Genre: Other.

06-17-2018 Getting along with others

“06-17-2018 Getting along with others”. Genre: Other.